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About us

VANDOS IMPORT EXPORT S.L. was created in 1995 by Vicente Aznar Sanchez, commercial agent with great experience in the furniture and lighting sectors.

The wide experience and knowledge in sales and import-export services, facilitates connections with recognized European companies, ready to be involved in the Spanish market.

We are an agile company, with a totally professional structure, with an aptitude to adapt ourselves to the continuous changes taking place in our sector. Our experienced team of agents are located throughout Spain and Portugal.

Our aim is to facilitate the incorporation of foreign companies in the Spanish and Portuguese markets of reputed world manufactured products by the best companies. We offer both, customer and manufacturer our most sincere and loyal co-operation.

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C/ Segura, 5
46910 Alfafar (Valencia)
Tlf.: +34 96 378 25 47

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  • Automatic control system on the level of ambient lighting.
  • Wireless interfacing and battery power.
  • Digital setting of the level of light.
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  • Wireless programmable remote control.
  • 14 keys that can be programmed through USB connection to personal computer.
  • Radio mesh communication system that ca be reached from everywhere within reach of radio.
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  • Detection system of human presence sensor and dusk sensor.
  • Programmable interface to wireless system.
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  • Touchless switching on sensor.
  • High sensibility capability detection.
  • Self-adjusting humidity cancellation.
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  • Centralized system to manage emergency lighting in case of lack of network.
  • Emergency lighting adjustable.
  • Periodical automatic check up of the backup battery with indication of power failure and wireless failure (optional).
  • Installable as a retrofit on low tension light (12V or 24V).
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  • High efficiency flickerless adjustment system
  • Mosfet switching
  • Wireless interfacing with pair copper and/or wired interfacing with bus protocol
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Control Devices

Provides a range of control devices, easy to program and also universally adaptable to existing systems

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Wide range of solutions

ULled provides multple products for client adapted lighting solutions:

  • Rotondo (216, 144, 72, 36, 14)

  • Quadrondo (216, 144, 72, 36, 14)

  • Plana (216, 144, 72, 36, 14)

  • Griglia (4x144, 2x144)

  • Led Line

  • Led Line Accesories

  • Control devices and accesories

  • Power Pack

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Control devices

ULled provides a range of control devices, easy to program and also universally adaptable to existing systems: a lighting concept completely manageable, thanks to a proprietary technology.

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ULled solutions

The development of LEDs technology is ceaselessly evolving and ULled chose a very definite, although expensive, way.

It's the exclusive use of Hq LEDs with very high performance characteristics and which releases a minimum heat production compared to traditional devices. This type of LEDs has been on the market for over 30 years and it's able to ensure more than 100,000 hours of operation, even in extremely severe conditions.

The production takes place completely in an Italian factory to guarantee a quality of absolute importance and it can satisfy large volumes with an excellent quality.

The advantages of LED

The advantages of LED from the standpoint of lighting are:

  • long lasting operation
  • no maintenance costs
  • very small sizes
  • high efficiency elevato rendimento
  • possible use of dimmer
  • clean light because it is without IR and UV components
  • safe operation thanks to its low voltage (usually between 3 and 24 V)
  • cold start (down to -40 ? C) with no problems
  • saturated colors
  • insensitivity to moisture and vibration
  • absence of mercury
  • the duration is not influenced by the number of on - offs.

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ULled. Gruppo Sergio Marchetti

LED lighting. We offer Made in Italy high performance solutions

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EmmeBi Milano 2013. VITTORIA design Giuseppe Manzoni

EmmeBi Milano 2013

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EmmeBi Milano 2013. ATLANTE WALK-IN CLOSET design Pietro Arosio

EmmeBi Milano 2013

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EmmeBi Milano 2013. CHRONOS design Stefano Bigi

EmmeBi Milano 2013

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EmmeBi Milano 2013. CODE design Duccio Grassi


Roberto Giovannini Milano 2013. Giorno

Roberto Giovannini Milano 2013

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Roberto Giovannini Milano 2013. Giorno

Roberto Giovannini Milano 2013

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Roberto Giovannini Milano 2013. Notte

Roberto Giovannini Milano 2013

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Roberto Giovannini Milano 2013. Notte


Renzo Del Ventisette. LSG 14469/4+1

Renzo Del Ventisette. LSG 14469/4+1

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Renzo Del Ventisette. PL 14462/8

Renzo Del Ventisette. PL 14462/8

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Renzo Del Ventisette. L 14463/4

Renzo Del Ventisette. L 14463/4
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'Vertigo', Petite Friture. Click to enlarge 'Giovannini', 1797. Click to enlarge 'Canopus', Gruppo Fala di Sergio Marchetti. Click to enlarge 'FLUTE', CANGINI & TUCCI. Click to enlarge


The company was created with the object of representing foreign Companies for the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Also, to offer Spanish firms a possibility to open foreign markets for its products.

News 2019

We present the 2019 news from the firms that represent.


Marchetti Ulaop

ULAOP. This collection born from an initial idea almost utopian: let the light source free from the universal constraints of traditional existing electrification systems, break the preexisted schemes, and free the light

Simple tubular metal structures give life to a series of products: wall lamps, suspensions and floor lamps, minimal and elegant structures that, like iconic totems suspended in space, are waiting for transfer energy.

It happens when, with a simple gesture, we lay on them the luminescent element: an opaline plexiglas ring that, as if by magic, lights up and diffuses light in the environment.

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